Collaborate Securely

  • Protect company intellectual property
  • Reach all employees in real-time with critical updates
  • Engage employees with an easy-to-use system


  • Protect proprietary information with end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Moderate content based on custom criteria for flagging inappropriate conversations and materials
  • Deploy using the approach most secure for your business via multi-tenant AWS, single tenant AWS, or on premise
  • Maximize compliance with custom archiving and retention options, as well as integration with third party compliance solutions
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Increase Productivity
  • Instantaneously share critical leadership announcements through divisional, departmental, and geographic broadcasts
  • Dramatically reduce meetings both internally and externally with integrated messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing
  • Communicate and collaborate on desktop, iPhone, and Android with an intuitive and easy-to-use system
  • Streamline all communications through deep integration with legacy email systems
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Energize Organizational Efficiency
  • Synchronize automatically with Active Directory, manage users and control permissions through an intuitive administrative console
  • Maximize adoption through Single Sign On (SSO) support via Active Directory or SAML
  • Deploy and grow quickly through “zero-effort” user set-up and training
  • Extend secure collaboration to existing business applications through Scoutahead’s API
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