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Enterprises are at a communication and collaboration crossroads. The trends of overflowing email inboxes and an overwhelming number of apps and personal devices have resulted in:

  • Increased risk for security breaches
  • Increased time to find critical information and people
  • Increased complexity in collaborating
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For CEO’s who are looking for one system to reach all employees in real-time with critical updates;

For HR and Corporate Communications leaders who are focused on attracting and retaining top talent and keeping them engaged;

For CIO’s and CTO’s who are seeking a more secure and intuitive real-time collaboration solution that drives greater productivity:

Scoutahead provides a secure collaboration system where employees can find the right people and information they need as quickly as possible, while keeping their intellectual property safe.

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Increase Productivity & Efficiency

  • Share critical updates through system-wide leadership announcements
  • Get immediate notifications of urgent messages from teammates and leaders
  • Communicate and collaborate on desktop, iPhone and Android mobile apps with an intuitive and easy-to-use system
  • Reduce internal emails and meetings with real-time messaging for divisions, teams and individuals
  • Find information quickly through robust search and seamless file, photo and video sharing
  • Connect and collaborate through audio and video conferencing
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