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Enterprise Security

Security is our top priority

With decades of experience in cyber security and compliance within highly regulated industries, Scoutahead’s team brings best-in-class security expertise to software development.

With an easy-to-use administrative console, IT leaders can manage and control all user access and permissions.

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We follow the highest standards for encryption with features including:
  • End-to-End Encryption 
  • Encryption at rest for messages and files
  • Encryption in transit for messages and files
  • Cloud-Based or On-Premises Encryption Key Management Services
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We make it easy to access all your data at any time with:
  • Customizable data retention policies

  • Data backup and recovery systems

  • Integration with compliance archiving software (e.g. Global Relay) and eDiscovery

  • Read-Only compliance review system

  • Real-time compliance monitoring and flagging

  • Content moderation, filtering, blocking and removal

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Scoutahead securely integrates with your company directory and other software in your tech stack.
  • SSO Support via SAML and Active Directory
  • Integrations with Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers, eDiscovery and records retention software
  • Support for data migration
  • Custom integrations available with other software applications
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